What is house siding

House siding is a construction material and along with the roofing is used by the siding installers to protect the exterior of the house. Although siding installation is seen mostly as a go-to solution without giving it much thought, it has 3 very important functions:


Siding for house protects against all the elements. It is designed to withstand moisture, very high temperatures generated by the direct sun exposure, as well as the colder temperatures. Given that California climate is known for all of the above, no wonder many see siding installation as the perfect solution. Due to good thermal isolation parameters it also helps reduce the energy consumption significantly.


Siding upgrades the look of the house. Siding replacement is often the easiest way to make the house look new and significantly increase its value. Most of the siding comes without a protective coat of paint and needs to be painted, which gives you the freedom to make your house look just the way you want it to. You can also choose the type of house siding that would look best for your house.


Siding for house provides durability. Due to differences in moisture levels and temperature, many materials tend to contract and expand, which sooner or later leads to micro-cracks and material degradation, resulting in poor aesthetics, mold, rot of internal structures and moisture in the interior. This is not the case with siding, which is designed to expand and contract without losing its properties.


When to replace house siding

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    Resale value is a huge incentive to address the siding installation and replacement. It can easily boost the value of the property. Apart from the financial benefits, siding replacement may be needed if you plan to prolong the lifespan of your house. Newer and more modern materials can provide better durability, sound insulation and energy saving properties. Apart from these benefits, if the siding is older than 20 years, shows signs of cracks or there is moisture on the interior – your siding very likely needs to be replaced.

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    Types of house siding

    When it comes to house siding installation, there is a wide array of materials and shapes. When it comes to shapes, there are Shingles, Clapboards, Drop siding, Vertical boards and Wooden sheet siding. When it comes to materials, you can choose between vinyl, wood, fiber cement:

    Wood siding

    Wood siding is the classic approach. It provides the best flexibility since it can be used on a wide array of buildings. As a material – wood is renewable and biodegradable, which makes it a very eco-friendly solution. It is easy to install, replace and repair. It can also be painted in any color desired. One downside is that it requires proper and frequent treatment (once in 4-9 years) against ants and termites and may be undesirable in pest-infested regions.

    Vinyl siding

    Vinyl siding perfectly imitates the classic siding wooden boards. It consists of plastic (PVC) and resin. It varies in thickness and is very durable. Oftentimes it does not require paint, which cuts the costs significantly. As counterintuitive as it may seem, it is far less flammable than wood (it can catch fire at 730°F or self-ignite at 850°F, as opposed to lumber at 500°F and 770°F). One downside is that it’s less impact resistant.

    Fiber cement

    Fiber cement siding uses a composite material made of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers. It is a very durable material which does not require a lot of maintenance. It is non-flammable, impact resistant, resistant to ants and termites and does not rot. One downside is that it tends to have poorer thermal and sound insulation (a separate insulation procedure may be required).

    Cost of siding installation

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      When it comes to Muradu Construction, there are 2 components to the cost: the cost of the materials and the labor cost. You don’t need to worry about anything else – the cleanup costs and garbage collection and disposal are already included. What you see is what you get – there are no hidden costs. When it comes to a specific number – it’s nearly impossible to compute it without the expert seeing the building and understanding its specifics. We highly recommend requesting a visit from our expert. The visit does not require any purchases or commitment on your behalf.

      How to select the correct siding

      The best approach is to talk to the expert. Whenever considering the siding installation, you need to understand the total cost of ownership. These are the aspects that you need to take into account:

      Maintenance costs

      Some materials may be cheaper, but require more frequent and costly maintenance. A good sign is when the siding installers doing performing the job offers these maintenance services. Do the material benefits justify the cost of maintenance? And vice-versa – do lower costs justify the lack of those benefits?

      Labor costs

      Some materials and shapes are more difficult to work with, resulting in higher labor costs. Usually you will not know this judging by the material sticker price, therefore talking to an expert is very important. You need to factor in that any repair or maintenance will also result in a higher cost resulting from this difficulty.

      Cost of error

      A classic approach is to save money by cutting the labor costs. If the material and the maker are the same, why pay more? Unfortunately cutting corners may result in very costly repairs and maintenance. You may want to track the siding installers’ certification, house siding experience and the number of finalised projects.

      Timeline for siding installation

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        The classic approach is the following:

        Meeting with our expert – it would help us select the proper solution for your case specifically and factor in your requests.

        Taking the measurements – we will take all the necessary measurements in order to develop a house siding quote.

        Signing the agreement and ordering the materials – after signing the agreement we place the order for all the materials required.

        Installation – when materials are delivered, our siding installers perform the installation and the cleanup afterwards.

        Common pitfalls of siding installation


        Factoring in only the cost of the materials. As mentioned previously, a cheaper material may require a more expensive siding installation and maintenance.


        Cutting the labor costs. Not following the strict installation procedure may significantly reduce the lifespan of the siding. Try making sure the siding company has experience or preferably certified to work with the material selected.


        Hidden costs. There are many companies that provide the customers with the labor and material costs, but fail to disclose the hidden costs associated with cleaning and garbage disposal. Make sure those costs are included or disclosed in advance.


        Not using the correct coating. Oftentimes the siding material requires paint or a protective coating. Cutting the cost for the coating may result in the lack of protection needed for increasing the house siding lifespan. Make sure you discuss the coating with the siding installers company.


        Not performing the proper maintenance. Some of the siding may require more frequent maintenance procedures. Not doing those in a timely manner may result in a very quick material degradation. Make sure you get proper instructions from the siding company on what is the maintenance routine.

        Remember – if it’s not done by the book, it’s covered by your wallet.



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