What is roofing installation

Roofing installation, along with the siding, is used to protect the exterior of the house. The roof needs to be able to withstand the elements, ensure house durability and provide comfortable living. Structurally the roof consists of 3 elements:

Roof Framing

This is the structure that provides the shape and structural rigidity of the roof. Typically consists of timber beams and rafters. The main role is passing the weight of the roof onto the walls.

Roofing Material

Material is what most understand by “roofing installation”. This is the protective material covering the roof in order to withstand temperature, winds and precipitation.

Insulation & Ventilation

An overlooked aspect of the roofing installation is a proper insulation that can cut the electricity bills, and the proper ventilation that prevents humidity, roof degradation and mold.

In order to build a good house roofing installation, many aspects need to be factored in:


Important aspects like temperatures, humidity, precipitations and wind speed need to be accounted for. A hot sunny climate may require a different roofing compared to the cold snowy climate or a windy and wet climate. Selecting the appropriate roofing may prolong the service life of the roofing, as well as the durability of the house.


Depending on the solution, the roof may place a significant weight on the structure. E.g. clay tiles are much heavier compared to rolled roofing. Adding solar panels to the existing roof may also add weight. Moreover, apart from the weight of the roof, you need to account for environmental load: snow, rain, wind.


Different roofing may require different maintenance. It is important to service the roof in a timely manner: making sure the water doesn’t sip through; ensuring good ventilation & insulation; replacing damaged tiles, shingles & sheets; replacing damaged beams & rafters. Proper maintenance can significantly prolong the service life.


When to replace the roofing

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    Resale value and curb appeal is a huge incentive to address the roofing installation and replacement. Apart from the aesthetics – good indicators are the constant leaks, mold, humidity issues, poor ventilation and thermal isolation. Moreover – a timely roofing replacement or repair can prevent serious damage to the house walls and the interior, saving plenty costs down the road. Normally a proper roofing can last many years, but you need to be aware of the current state of the roofing. For instance, the rolled roofing requires a more frequent maintenance. When it comes to shingles and clay tiles – strong winds can affect the roof integrity. Last, but not least – always monitor the state of the roof framing, since damaged beans and rafters may urgently need your attention.

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    Types of house roofing

    Out of all construction materials, roofing installation has probably the most options to choose from, but each choice comes with its own set of pros and cons:


    Asphalt, fiberglass, composite – easily the most popular material, used by almost 90% of US homes. It is quite durable and relatively affordable. The pros are: they are easy to source, require low maintenance, are recyclable, work in most climates and come in various colours and are quite affordable ($1.50 – $5.50 per sq. ft.). The cons are: they have a shorter service life (up to 30 years), the colour fades with sun exposure and wind damage is possible.

    Metal Roofing

    Sheets and shingles – the material is durable, survived the test of time (metal roofing has been installed since 1800s). It is very durable and has a long service life. The pros are: it is durable (up to 80 years), require low maintenance, can come painted or be painted, is lightweight and recyclable. The cons are: it comes more pricey ($6 – $14 per sq. ft.), needs soundproofing, requires a more costly maintenance and installation and may warp with time.

    Wooden Roofing

    The wooden roof has one of the best aesthetics. The wooden roofing is quite durable, but its lifespan depends heavily on the climate – it fairs best in dry climates, but requires anti-fire treatment in California. The pros are – the aesthetics, relatively affordable ($5 – $7 per sq. ft.). The cons are – treated lumber is difficult to recycle, it’s more prone to water damage, mold and termites and relatively high maintenance costs.

    Clay Tiles

    One of the oldest and most aestetically pleasing material used. It is the most durable, but quite expensive to install and maintain. The pros are: it is incredibly durable, can withstand high wind speed, works extremely well in hot climates and has the best appeal. The cons are: high installation cost ($10 – $18 per sq. ft.), expensive maintenance, requires stronger support due to heavier weight and can be damaged by impact.

    Slate Roofing

    Combines the durability of clay tiles, while being much more impact resistant. The pros are: incredibly long lifespan (50-200 years), low maintenance cost, durability and more colour options. The cons are: relatively high cost ($9 – $20 per sq. ft.) and it requires stronger support due to heavier weight.

    Rolled Roofing

    One of the most flexible roofing materials that can be installed on almost any building. It is much more affordable, albeit needs a much more frequent maintenance. The pros are: very affordable cost, almost no structural constraints, works for low-slope roofs. The cons are: frequent maintenance (once in 5-10 years), would not work on the flat roof and offers lower quality compared to other roofing materials.

    You can also go green by opting for one of the following:

    Green Roofing

    Although mostly used for commercial real-estate and aims aesthetics, there are great benefits such as combating the heat.

    Solar Panels

    A great solution to protect your house and generate electricity at the same time. Discover more about solar roofing.

    Cost of roofing installation

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      When it comes to Muradu Construction, there are 2 components to the cost of roofing installation: the cost of the materials and the labor cost. You don’t need to worry about anything else – the cleanup costs and garbage collection and disposal are already included in the labor costs. What you see is what you get – there are no hidden costs. When it comes to a specific number – it’s nearly impossible to compute it without the expert seeing the building, assessing the roofing solution requested by the client and understanding the roofing installation specifics for a certain specific building and region. We highly recommend requesting a visit from our expert. The visit does not require any purchases or commitment on your behalf.

      How to select the correct roofing material

      The best approach is to talk to the expert. Whenever considering the roofing installation, you need to understand the total cost of ownership. These are the aspects that you need to take into account:

      Maintenance costs

      Some roofing materials may be cheaper, but require more frequent and costly maintenance (e.g. rolled roofing). A good sign is when the company performing the roofing installation offers these maintenance services. You need to understand whether the material benefits justify the cost of maintenance and vice-versa – if lower costs justify the lack of those benefits.

      Labor costs

      Some roofing materials and shapes are more difficult to work with, resulting in higher labor costs. Usually you will not know this judging by the material sticker price, therefore talking to an expert is very important. You need to factor in that any repair or maintenance will also result in a higher cost resulting from this difficulty.

      Cost of error

      A classic approach is to save money by cutting the labor costs. If the roofing material and the maker are the same, why pay more, right? Unfortunately cutting corners may result in very costly roofing repairs, leaks and maintenance. You may want to track the construction company’s certifications and the number of finalised roofing installation projects.

      Timeline for roofing installation

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        The classic approach is the following:

        Meeting with our expert – it would help us select the correct roofing installation solution for your case specifically and factor in all of your requests.

        Assessing the building and taking the measurements – our employee will evaluate the structure of your house and take all the necessary measurements for the roofing installation in order to provide you with the exact quote.

        Signing the agreement and ordering the materials – after signing the agreement we place the order for all the roofing materials required.

        Installation – when materials are delivered, our construction workers perform the roofing installation and the cleanup afterwards.

        Common pitfalls of siding installation


        Factoring in only the cost of the materials. As mentioned previously, a cheaper roofing material may require a more expensive installation and maintenance.


        Cutting the labor costs. Not following the strict installation procedure may significantly reduce the lifespan of the house roofing (e.g. clay tiles). Try making sure the construction company has experience or preferably certified to work with the roofing material selected.


        Skipping the correct installation steps. Sometimes the roofing material requires reinforcing the structure or underlayment to ensure proper insulation. Not doing those may significantly shorten the house roofing lifespan.


        Not performing the proper roofing maintenance. Some of the house roofing may require more frequent maintenance procedures. Not doing those in a timely manner may result in a very quick material degradation, structural damage or leaks. Make sure you get proper instructions from the construction company on what is the maintenance routine.


        Hidden costs. There are many companies that provide the customers with the labor and material costs, but fail to disclose the hidden costs associated with additional roofing installation steps, cleaning and garbage disposal. Make sure those costs are included or disclosed in advance.

        Remember – if it’s not done by the book, it’s covered by your wallet.



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