Why is exterior painting of the house needed

Exterior painting of the house most of the times is applied to the house siding, stucco, windows & doors and decks. Similar to the interior painting, addresses 2 important aspects:

House Aesthetics

Apart from the most obvious aspect of selecting the color that would work best, it is important to take into account the elements. The impact of the sun and moisture may affect the color over a long time span.

Exterior Protection

Most of the siding and stucco require a protective coat of paint in order to resist the elements for a long period of time. This is why the quality aspect of the paint is very important and so is matching the paints type to the material specs.

When to replace the exterior painting of the house

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    Apart from the obvious resale value boost, a good indicator for exterior painting of the house is the appearance of cracks in the siding or stucco, peeling-off paint and the poor aesthetics of the house. Another good indicator is when the maintenance cycle of the siding, stucco or windows is reached. Some of the materials require proper periodic treatment and repainting in order to last longer.

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    Cost of exterior painting of the house

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      Like most of the services, exterior painting of the house consists of materials cost (the cost of the paint and consumables) and labor cost. When considering the painting of the house, keep in mind that you may require additional steps, such as previous paint removal or special treatment for your siding, stucco or windows prior to painting them.

      Moreover, it is very important to select the correct type of paint for a given material. We strongly encourage you to talk to our expert first. This visit does not require any purchases or commitment on your behalf.

      Important aspects of the exterior painting

      Before jumping into painting the exterior of your home, here are a couple of hints on how to avoid serious issues down the road:


      Preparing the surfaces. Depending on the quality and specs of your previous paint, you may want to scrape the previous paint and sand down the surfaces. Failing to do this may impact the quality significantly, while failing to budget this may considerably increase the overall bill.

      Paint quality

      Be aware of the paint quality. Not all paint was made equal. Stay away from the lead paint and those still using it. Be aware that paying for a better paint may help your house retain its look for longer and skip a repaint. Several coats of paint may be necessary, so trust the expert even if it’s more costly.


      Pick experienced contractors only. They know the best weather to perform the exterior painting of the house, have the proper tools, can do the job quickly without sacrificing the quality and know which paint is right for a given material. Try to pick a company with a good set of finalised projects and referrals.

      Timeline for exterior painting of the house

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        The classic approach is the following:

        Meeting with our expert – it would help us prepare for painting your house specifically and factor in all of your requests.

        Taking the measurements – our employee will take all the necessary measurements in order to develop a quote for the exterior painting of the house.

        Signing the agreement and ordering the consumables – after signing the agreement we place the order for all the consumables required.

        Painting – when consumables are delivered and weather conditions allow it, our construction workers will arrive at your location. Depending on the project, there may be several stages: scraping the old paint, sanding the surfaces, applying several coats of paint, and cleanup.

        Exterior painting common pitfalls


        Not respecting the weather conditions. Excessive temperatures and moisture can prevent the correct paint application during the exterior painting of the house. Try monitoring the weather conditions.


        Not respecting the paint application technology. Some paint requires a certain treatment procedure for the painted surfaces. Please study the paint properties and application procedure in order to avoid flaking and cracks after the exterior painting of the house is performed.


        Not preparing the surfaces. Certain situations require scraping off the old paint and properly sanding the surfaces. Not doing so may result in poor results.


        Picking the wrong type of paint for a given material. Some materials require specific paint in order to ensure best bond between the paint and the surface.

        Remember – if it’s not done by the book, it’s covered by your wallet.


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