Why Windows & Doors matter

It is surprising how much of an impact windows and doors replacement has on day-to-day life. Windows and Doors are an intrinsic part of any house. The 3 most important aspects they address are:


Aesthetics of the house and the interior. Unlike the furniture that you may not notice in months, windows and doors are often the first things you see. The comfort of your house often starts with windows and doors replacement and they are often one of the first things you may want to invest into.


Source of natural light. A lot of people complain about the dark spaces inside their homes. It is often the case of a poor window and door selection. A correct set of windows and doors ensures that you have enough natural light during the daytime and enough privacy throughout the day.


Acoustic and thermal insulation. Northern California is quite warm and sunny; having proper thermal insulation can shave a significant amount off your electricity bill. A proper sound insulation may also be a significant plus towards your comfort in case you live in a lively neighbourhood.

Useful tips: When it comes to the process of windows and doors replacement or installation, a couple of aspects are really important. First one is taking the correct measurements – it can significantly reduce the amount of labor and the overall intrusiveness of the procedure. Second one is sticking to the top quality standards – it can increase the lifespan of the windows and doors and avoid costly maintenance down the road. Third one is tidiness – windows and doors replacement can create a fair amount of trash and we will make sure the premises are pristine before we leave.

When to replace the windows & doors

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    One of the common reasons for windows and doors replacement is increasing the house resale value. Another reason may be related to issues with the existing windows and doors – insufficient soundproofing, moisture leaks, malfunctioning mechanisms and poor aesthetics (cracks, scratches, peeling-off paint). Another thing to consider is the evolution of materials and manufacturing processes that allows modern windows and doors to bring much better performance when compared to the older ones.

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    Materials are used for windows & doors

    The 2 most commonly used materials in Windows and Doors production are vinyl and wood:


    Vinyl windows and doors are great at soundproofing and thermal insulation. Some very clear benefits to vinyl windows and doors – they cost less, are quicker to manufacture and install, they offer a consistent quality and oftentimes do not require painting or additional protective coating. The downsides are that their lifespan of 20-25 years is half compared to the wooden ones and they tend to lose their visual appeal over time.


    Wood windows and doors are the most durable and visually appealing. They tend to have up to a 50 years warranty which is transferable from owner to owner and they provide the most flexibility when it comes to aesthetic aspects. The downsides are the higher cost of the wood windows and doors manufacturing, higher cost of installation and maintenance and need for a good protective coating.

    Cost of windows and doors replacement

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      When it comes to Muradu Construction, there are 2 components to the windows and doors replacement cost: the cost of the materials and the labor cost. You don’t need to worry about anything else – the cleanup costs and garbage collection and disposal are already included in the labor costs. What you see is what you get – there are no hidden costs. To get an exact quote, the expert has to see the building and properly assess the work needed. You can do so be using the form. The visit does not require any purchases or commitment on your behalf.

      How to selecting the best material

      Talking to an expert is your best bet. There is a wide array of manufacturers and solutions on the market and picking the perfect combination is very difficult. Here are a couple of hints to get started:

      Know your goal

      Keep your eyes on the ball! If you plan to settle in this house for the rest of your life it’s worth investing into a more durable solution. If you plan to increase the resale value, it’s important to get the biggest bang for the buck.

      Total cost

      Understand what is the total cost. Windows and doors replacement may vary in terms of quality and cost of labor. Seek a fair price of the materials (windows & doors) and a transparent breakdown of the labor costs.

      Avoid the cheapest

      Try to avoid the cheapest materials. Windows and doors on the cheaper spectrum tend to decrease in quality way faster than decreasing in cost. Opting for a well-reviewed and tested solution is a better approach.

      Timeline for windows and doors replacement

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        The classic approach is the following:

        Meeting with our expert – it would help us select the proper solution for your windows and doors replacement specifically and factor in all of your requests.

        Taking the measurements – our employee will take all the necessary measurements in order to provide you with the exact quote for windows and doors replacement.

        Signing the agreement and ordering the materials – after signing the agreement we place the order for all the materials required.

        Installation – when windows & doors are delivered, our construction workers perform the installation and the cleanup afterwards.

        Windows & doors common pitfalls


        Factoring in only the cost of the materials. The labor cost can be significant, therefore the total cost of the project needs to be viewed as a whole.


        Hidden costs. There are many companies that provide the customers with the labor and material costs, but fail to disclose the hidden costs associated with cleaning and garbage disposal. Try asking the construction company if they handle the cleaning and garbage disposal before signing the contract.


        Sacrificing quality over cost. Windows and doors are especially sensitive to the installation procedure. Failing to do a proper installation may result in poor thermal and soundproofing and incorrect geometry, which significantly reduces the lifespan.


        Minimising the wait by selecting a poorer solution. Given the delays in manufacturing and logistics, the wait has increased recently. At the same time, waiting for additional 2-3 weeks may offer a better solution for the upcoming 20-30 years.

        Remember – if it’s not done by the book, it’s covered by your wallet.


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