What are decks

Decks are auxiliary light constructions on your premises. Here are a couple of advantages why decks are loved:

Small cost

Relatively small cost. Decks are light, flexible, they can be constructed quickly and the materials required are most of the times readily available and not prohibitively expensive.

Added area

A quick way to expand the useful area of the house. Useful area is not the one enclosed by four walls, but rather the one you will happily use when possible, which is often the case with decks.

Time outside

Vitamin D and fresh air are believed to contribute to a longer and healthier life. Decks allow you to enjoy these benefits by spending more time outdoors without making long trips.

When would you want a new deck

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    A good indicator is the size of your backyard area – if you have a big backyard and you’re not a huge gardening fan, decks are a great option. Another good indicator is having a quiet neighbourhood and the benefit of fresh (non-polluted) air. Lastly – if you’re a social person and looking for having more gatherings with your family and friends – having a deck would definitely help.

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    Types of decking materials

    When it comes to deck installation, there is a wide array of materials. You can choose between treated lumber, composite lumber and composite material:

    Treated lumber

    Usually natural hardwood that has been treated to resist the elements, ants & termites, and fungi. The downside is the threat of toxins coming from the wood treatment and their health impact.

    Composite lumber

    A combination of wood and plastics. The main advantage is that it doesn’t need staining, sanding and painting and tends to last longer than lumber. The only downside is the higher cost.

    Composite material

    Usually some plastic polymer. The advantage is the relatively low cost and simple installation. Some of the known downsides are hot temperatures under direct sun and cracking.

    Cost of deck installation

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      When it comes to Muradu Construction, there are 2 components to the cost: the cost of the materials and the labor cost. You don’t need to worry about anything else – the cleanup costs and garbage collection and disposal are already included in the labor costs. What you see is what you get – there are no hidden costs.

      When it comes to a specific number – it’s nearly impossible to compute it without the expert seeing the building and knowing its specifics. We recommend requesting a visit from our expert. The visit does not require any purchases or commitment on your behalf.

      How to select the correct deck material

      The material selection can depend on several factors and constraints. Here are a couple of hints how to select the best decking material:


      In terms of cost, the cheapest option tends to be composite materials, followed by treated lumber and top being the composite lumber. Take into account the internal beam structure of the deck – lumber and composites tend to be cheaper, while aluminium tends to be more expensive.


      The most durability can be obtained when having an aluminium structure covered by composite lumber. The least resistant material tends to be composite material, but you may need to factor in the weather conditions and the sun exposure of the deck.


      It’s a very complicated topic since no material is perfect. For instance – composite lumber uses recycled wood and plastic (which is great), but in itself is not recyclable. Treated lumber is renewable, but the treatment of wood prevents its recycling.

      Timeline for deck installation

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        The standard approach is the following:

        Meeting with our expert – it would help us select the right material for your deck.

        Measurements and modelling – our employee will take all the necessary measurements and create a model of the construction project in order to provide you with the exact quote.

        Signing the agreement, getting the permits and ordering the materials – after signing the agreement we obtain the construction permits needed and we place the order for all the materials required.

        Installation – when materials are delivered, our construction workers perform the deck installation and the cleanup afterwards.

        Common pitfalls of deck installation


        Picking the wrong material or manufacturer. Under certain conditions, treated lumber can be toxic, composite lumber can attract mold and composite material can crack. Trusting a manufacturer’s marketing materials is not as reliable as trusting the construction company’s experience.


        Lack of experience of the construction company. There are certain materials that require training and certification from the manufacturer. If the construction company doesn’t have the skills needed, it may result in losses and premature material degradation.


        Not obtaining the necessary permits. Depending on the municipal and county regulations there are certain permits that must be obtained prior to building the deck. Make sure that you have them or that the construction company obtains them.


        Hidden costs. There are many companies that provide the customers with the labor and material costs, but fail to disclose the hidden costs associated with cleaning and garbage disposal. Make sure those costs are included or disclosed in advance.

        Remember – if it’s not done by the book, it’s covered by your wallet.


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